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Causes, prevention, and treatment of hair loss are discussed.


The human scalp includes about 100,000 hair follicles, and each day about a hundred of them fall out. According to research, beginning at age 40, the level of testosterone’s by-product prolactin increases in men, which in turn causes the creation of 5-alpha reductase, a hormone that converts testosterone into gihydro-testosterones DHT. This consequently leads to androgenic alopecia, or thinning and receding hair, since DHT shrinks hair follicles and hair on men’s foreheads, crowns, and temples. On women, hair thins over the entire scalp.

Best hair loss Treatment

There are several factors that can cause hair loss.

Aging is accompanied by certain changes in the body.

Lack of minerals

Lack of oxygen is the problem.

Taking medication may have side effects.

Genetic baldness is the cause of hair loss.

Avoid these foods:

Foods that contribute to hair loss and hair thinning.

• Fat • Saturated fat • Trans fat

Foods that contain Aspartame and Monosodium Glutamate are a b.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer.

Artificial colouring is the answer.

Long-lasting products require extra protection against bacteria and other microbes.

food packaging

Salt is a strong mineral substance used to season and preserve food.

To prevent and treat hair loss, you must first understand the cause of the problem.

Important minerals, which may help prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth, are listed below:


The quantity of zinc produced is 140 tons.

Copper is a good conductor of electricity.

B vitamins are important for energy production.

This is a required vitamin.

Vitamin A is required for good eyesight.

Vitamin E is required for maintaining skin health.

CQ-10 is one of the active ingredients in Issort.

• Certain foods eaten everyday may help to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth.•

You can make soy and yogurt at home.

Vegetables of a dark green colour is what I want.

Eat plenty of whole grain foods.

The presence of essential fatty acids is vital for healthy hair.

nuts and seeds

Eating carrots is good for your eyes.

It is important to talk to your doctor before consuming large amounts of the above foods. Taking too much vitamin A from carrots, for example, may result in hair loss.

Historically, herbs have been around for over thousands of years and have helped prevent or cure diseases before Western medicine was discovered. Here are some herbs that have been shown to improve hair health and hair growth.

Fragrant fruit of the shikakai tree.

Grape seed extract is a source of antioxidants.

Kirin Brewery has recently unveiled a new beer.

a) It is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Basil pure extract is

A pumpkin seed is a seed of a pumpkin plant.

A pure extract of Buddleja davidii is used in cosmetics.

to drink green tea is healthy.

Chinese herbs have been around for over 4000 years, long before western medicine was discovered, and have been effective in preventing or curing disease. According to Chinese traditional medicine, hair loss is connected to kidney deficiency syndrome. People who suffer from hair loss early in life may have weak kidneys. Here are some Chinese herbs that have been used to treat hair loss and promote hair growth.

There are many herbs that can be used as a substitute for Dong Quai in the same way.

Ginseng is a root that has been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years.

Polygonum (shou wu) is a famous Chinese herbal medicine.

Psoralea seeds are dispersed by wind and water.

To say that you are a lover of fruit, especially of the juicy kind, you must be a connoisseur of the fruit known as mulberry.

Chinese Yam fruit

Green tea has health benefits.

Chinese foxglove root

A fruit of the wolfberry bush.

Chinese medicine believes that nourishing the kidneys and blood nourishment helps maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss.

Here are some medications that may help prevent further hair loss and promote hair growth.

The topical solution of minoxidil is used to stimulate hair growth on the scalp.

In men, the use of finasteride, a type 2 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, is effective in treating male pattern hair loss.

It is a use it or lose it situation.

Retin-A is a form of retinoic acid used to treat acne and other skin conditions.

Proscar is used to treat BPH.

Be sure to talk with your doctor or dermatologist before taking any hair loss medications that are available over the counter.

More information about the subject listed above is available on my homepage.


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