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How To Find Products For Dropshipping On 2023

Dropshipping is the best way to sell your products. It gives you the ability to scale up or down without any time lag, and it doesn’t require any inventory of your own. The only downside is that dropshipping can be tricky at times, but if you follow these tips on how to make dropshipping work for you then it will be smooth sailing!

Mobile electronic accessories

If you’re looking to start selling electronics, there are plenty of options. Here are some things you can sell:

  • Apple products
  • Samsung products
  • LG products
  • Huawei and Motorola phones, tablets, smart watches and headphones. In fact, the list goes on! You can even try selling accessories like cases for your new phone or iPad. If you’re not sure where to begin with this kind of inventory (or if it’s worth selling), consider making a list of all the different types of electronics that interest you before diving into dropshipping with them as your main focus.

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are one of the most popular product categories on Amazon. If you’re selling fitness trackers, then you know that they’re a great way to get your brand in front of new customers and build up your brand awareness.

However, if you’re not sure how to sell fitness trackers or just need some help getting started with dropshipping, here are some things that will help:

  • Fitness trackers are very affordable—the average price is around $50-$100 per item sold through dropshipping platforms like Amazon FBA (which we’ll cover later). This means there’s plenty of room for profit margins when selling this type of product at scale! For example: if I wanted to sell 100 units per month and charge $10 each time I sell them on my website using my own dropshipping platform called [DROPSHIPPING NAME HERE] then my total monthly income from this would be $1k+/month without having any additional costs incurred by doing so (such as shipping costs).
  • Fitness Trackers Are Easy To Ship And Store – Most people want their items fast but don’t want them shipped internationally which requires extra time spent waiting around during peak times between noon-7pm EST every day except Monday where it’s closed due being national holidays celebrated throughout America such as Thanksgiving Day (November 22nd) & Christmas Eve Day which falls right after Friday but before Saturday night comes around again making this week even busier than usual because people will start missing work due lack thereof while others who still stay late into Thursday night plan ahead accordingly making weekend plans longer too since they won’t come back until later tonight instead so next Monday morning everyone will feel refreshed yet tired at same time depending on how much sleep deprivation caused by staying up late all weekend long again 🙂

Smart watches

Smart watches are a hot selling item. They’re used to track fitness and health, check email, text messages and social media. You can even use them to control music!

As a dropshipper you have the opportunity to sell these devices at high volumes due to their popularity among people who want more control over their daily lives.

Video games and gaming consoles

Video games and gaming consoles are a hot item for dropshipping. You can sell video games, gaming consoles, and accessories on Amazon or other online retailers.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a supplier that sells your product on Amazon or another platform (like eBay).
  • Create an account with them so you can place orders through their website instead of yours. This will save time when shipping out orders because they have already done all the work for you!

Toys and collectibles

Toys and collectibles are a great way to make money as a dropshipping seller. They’re popular, they’re easy to sell and ship, they’re easy to find and source—and the best part is that you don’t need much training or experience in order to get started selling them!

If you’ve got a knack for spotting trends or know how things work behind the scenes (like most people do), then this could be an excellent opportunity for making some extra cash on the side of your day job.

Sunglasses and other eyewear

Sunglasses and other eyewear is a great category to sell dropshipping because it has so many different styles, colors, materials and price points. You can also sell sunglasses online in different markets by offering them from the US, Europe or Australia. For example:

  • You can sell sunglasses on Amazon USA with free shipping for $14.99 shipped (or less). The same item would cost about $27 in Australia if you ordered it from there directly with free shipping included (which isn’t always possible). If you’re selling on eBay as well then this is an even better option since most people won’t pay over $20 for them anyway!
  • If you want something that looks more expensive than what’s available at Zappos or Amazon then try selling designer ones instead like Ray-Ban RB3561 Wayfarers -Black Frame Sunglasses With Clear Lens at 0% off retail price plus free shipping within the U.S.. They cost around $150 but they look great when paired with skinny jeans jeans shorts skirts dresses etcetera!


Jewelry is a big ticket item. It’s something that people buy when they want to show their love or appreciation for others, and it can be a great way to add value to your dropshipping business.

Jewelry is an impulse buy—people don’t think twice about buying it once they see it on their friend’s body or in the store window. They don’t even know what it is until they take a closer look at it, much like how you might walk past someone without noticing them before suddenly realizing that they’re wearing clothing from your favorite brand! This means that jewelry could be one of the best types of products for selling on Amazon FBA because people are so willing to buy things just because other people have them (and also because Amazon FBA lets sellers sell anything).

Shoes and footwear

Shoes and footwear are a popular product to sell on Amazon. It’s a good idea to start by selling men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes and baby girls’ flip flops because they’re all in high demand.

You can also try selling sneakers or athletic shoes if you have some experience with dropshipping this type of item because they’re more expensive than other styles but still very affordable compared to retail prices.

Kitchenware, including knives and gadgets.

Kitchenware is one of the most popular categories for dropshipping. There are several reasons why this is so:

  • People like to cook, and they want to do it with new kitchen gadgets and utensils every year. This means that there’s always space in your ecommerce store for new products.
  • Kitchenware can be used for multiple purposes: as utensils, gadgets and tools; or even as gifts for friends or family members who love food!

These items are hot sellers for dropshipping.

Dropshipping to sell is one of the easiest ways to make money online. With dropshipping, you buy products from manufacturers and resell them on Amazon or eBay. This means that there are thousands upon thousands of products available for you to choose from! You can find the best products by looking at the best sellers on Amazon, eBay, or even your own sales data.

If you’re looking for something specific then I recommend checking out these sites:

Alibaba WW


There are many ways for you to drop ship these products. You can use an online marketplace such as Shopify or Amazon FBA, or you can use a dropshipping service like Shipwire. Whatever your choice, we hope that this list has helped you identify some of the hottest items to sell on your own site!

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